IMPAK Features


Want to take an in-depth view of IMPAK features?

Simple Work Order Management


Speed up your response times for tenants requesting service with IMPAK’s acclaimed online Tenant Portal. Easily handle every aspect of communication between tenants and staff. Use IMPAK to collaborate with all essential parties, delivering fast and accurate service to the tenants.


Encourage your staff to detect deficiencies in your buildings and add photos to IMPAK work orders for better visualization of property issues. Armed with the IMPAK app on their phones, property managers and technicians can work as a team to proactively identify and solve many problems.


IMPAK enables efficient preventative maintenance strategies for various types of properties and circumstances. Sustainable, flexible and easy to set up, IMPAK totally automates the process to help your team build customized schedules that make maximum use of your labor resources.

Work Order System

  • Manage tenant requests, preventive maintenance, and inspection work orders
  • Color coded
  • Keep tenants and management up to date with status reports


  • Create Inspection templates
  • Make rounds more efficient
  • Proactively submit work orders

Automated Preventive Maintenance

  • Get the most out of your equipment
  • Helps avoid costly repairs
  • Easy to set up

Online Tenant Portal

  • Post a new service request
  • Review recent requests
  • Website memos
  • Create conference room reservations
  • Tenant Satisfaction Scorecards

Automatic Dispatching

  • Assign technicians for each job type so online tenant requests will be properly assigned and dispatched automatically
  • Up to 8 technicians and 1 contractor can be assigned to each job type
  • Allows for a great deal of customization

Permits & Licenses Tracking

  • Store and track all of your property’s government-required licenses and permits
  • Build your own customized list of permit type
  • Built-in email notification methods make it easy for property managers to update expiring permits/licenses as needed

Project Management

  • Track project expenses on a timeline with milestones and attach photos, bids, and drawings
  • Create different categories to organize reports

Job Quotes for Service Requests

  • Quickly prepare, print and review job quotes that you’re able to deliver to the tenant with ease.
  • Create quotes that are billable to the tenant or to the property and include information such as the GL Account Number associated with quote items and the quantities and prices of each item
  • Create work orders or projects directly from the job quote

Purchase Order System & Materials Tracking

  • Purchase Order line items may be selected from the property’s Materials List
  • Materials are easily selected, and quantities documented on any type of IMPAK work order as they are used in the performance of the work
  • Built-in Materials Usage and Materials on Hand reports track monthly materials cost and current inventory value based on quantities purchased via the IMPAK Purchase Order System and used during work order service.

Vendor Service Contract Management

  • Keep track of third party service providers with ease
  • Provides property managers with clear methods to assign vendors, document costs and even store digital copies of Vendor Service Contracts for each property.
  • Property managers will have ample opportunity to renew the existing contract or to solicit bids from other service providers before the current contract ends.

Tenant and Contractor Certificate of Insurance Management

  • Provides the perfect, centralized storage place for scanned copies of tenant and contractor Certificates of Insurance for each property
  • Eliminates the need for Excel spreadsheets or other internal tables
  • Gives property managers the opportunity to replace the current certificate before expiration

Billable Work Order Management with Invoicing

  • Any IMPAK work order can be charged back to the responsible party with a click of the mouse
  • Tenant Service Requests may be charged back to the tenant or to the property owner
  • Provides simple methods to create an invoice that can be printed on a company letterhead and presented to the responsible party for payment

Utility Meters and Energy Efficiency Tracking

  • Utility Meters for electricity, water and natural gas can be set up in IMPAK as equipment items
  • Monthly readings can be captured by technicians on location via the IMPAK App
  • Provides an ongoing record that may later help property managers pinpoint spikes in energy usage at any property
  • Energy Efficiency Report provides an “apples-for-apples” comparison of energy usage between properties for the entire portfolio, based on utility usage per rentable square foot

Comprehensive Operating Reports

  • During work order creation and processing, IMPAK automatically categorizes each work order by work order type, property, tenant, job type, technician and contractor
  • Open Work Order Count—Provides a summary count of all currently open work orders, categorized by property and work order type
  • Complete Work Order History—Provides a summary count of all work orders, categorized by work order type
  • Job Type Report—Provides a comparison of work order production and work hours for each job type
  • Work Hours Report—Provides a comparison of work order production and work hours for each technician
  • Complete by Due Date Report—Provides a percentage of work orders completed by their due date

Property Notebook

  • Perfect for building owners and upper company management, the IMPAK Property Notebook may completely replace the need to deliver customary thirty-day paper reports back to building ownership
  • No duplication of effort by property managers to produce the Property Notebook
  • Includes reporting that summarizes the completion rate for tenant requests.

Enhanced Security

  • Guaranteed Security
  • Physical Security
  • Precision Environment
  • Conditioned Power
  • Network Technicians


  • A key presentation tool that is often shown to building owners
  • Easily view an interactive map of each property in your portfolio
  • Instantly create a sense of confidence and support from your audience that can’t be achieved the old-fashioned way