TefftNet, Inc. began working on the IMPAK Facility Management System in Houston, Texas in the 1990's. The original purpose of IMPAK was to provide an interactive, online software toolset for a large airport facility that would help the staff meet strict and specific preventive maintenance requirements.

Robert Tefft, founder of IMPAK, was hired by the airport managers to develop a radically different type of CMMS that was to be robust, extremely staff-friendly and 100% web-based. And it should "simply work".

That's how IMPAK began.


As IMPAK grew and its reach began to extend to more and different types of commercial properties, the IMPAK Support Team received helpful feedback from its end-users. Tenant Service features were soon added, then Property Projects and Property Inspections.

IMPAK provided these and many other new features and capabilities at no extra charge to its existing and new clients, and this business practice continues today. We're always happy when a new program we develop in IMPAK helps streamline, organize and document your work processes.

To fuel IMPAK's record-setting growth pattern, we welcome your new ideas!


In just the past few years, the whole world has experienced a radical transformation in the way we work. In the property management industry, IMPAK has led the way with an innovative web application designed for all makes and models of phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

All IMPAK users may now remotely connect to IMPAK in real-time on any device in order to create, update and dispatch work orders, perform inspections, schedule conference room reservations and perform many other jobs that previously had to be done while in the office. The IMPAK Support Team works diligently to provide a great experience for you busy people on-the-go! But let's not make this too complicated.

It should "simply work".